History of the Venetian cuisine

It’s a walking tour through the streets of Venice in search of traces of the gastronomic culture of the city, which is also anything but obvious! Starting from the very first lagoon recipes dating back to the times when Venice was only one of the provinces of Byzantium, passing through the riot of spices brought by trade with the Levant, through a dizzying series of foreign contamination, you get to the kitchen of today, or at least what survives.

History of the venetian cuisine

Exotic scents, bizarre recipes, and curious habits at the table will be narrated to discover this fascinating side of Venetian culture, never veiled enough, and that risks disappearing overwhelmed by the prevailing globalization of pizzas and frozen food.

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Itinerary on the history of the Venetian cuisine

Duration: about 3 hours

Participants: 8 people maximum

The tour takes place in the afternoon

For information and reservations: info@laltravenezia.it

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