History of music in Venice

This guided tour aims to tell the music history in Venice from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, following the traces of baroque theatres, musical hospitals, and places lived by great musicians enchanted by this amphibious city. Music as a complementary face of Painting.

History of music in Venice

European visitors who came to Venice in the eighteenth century write reports from which shines through a city permeated and wrapped in music, almost without being able to distinguish the natural sounds of water flowing in the canals and the cries of seagulls by those played by instruments in churches, palaces, and street corners. So, from the crossroads of goods, Venice becomes an essential destination for anyone with passion and interest in music, whether sacred or popular.

Venice music

This walking tour about Venice’s music winds along a path that goes from San Samuele to the Scuola di San Marco, passing through the Fenice, the Chiesa della Pietà, and other themed stages.

Duration: about 3 hours

Participants: 10 people maximum

For information and reservations: info@laltravenezia.it