Venice Italy highlights

Classic Venice toursVenice Italy highlights

Venice Italy highlights

1) IN THE HEART OF VENICE: the Saint Mark’s Square between the Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, then a walk to Rialto through internal and hidden alleys

The heart of Venice is a square: Saint Mark’s Square. Entering by the two monumental columns in front of the lagoon (the so-called “water square”), near the Bridge of Sighs, suddenly we can admire the history of the Republic of Venice displayed: we can see the Doge’s Palace, the seat of government and center of political and administrative life of the city, the Basilica, with its golden mosaics and precious marbles, the Procuratie, location of the oldest and luxurious cafeteria, and moreover the Clock Tower and the Bell Tower. The walk then leads to the Grand Canal and the famous Rialto Bridge through beautiful and hidden corners, which allow you to admire the beautiful Theater La Fenice and the Bovolo Staircase, the Mercerie street with its luxurious boutiques, but also the characteristic Campo Santa Maria Formosa.

– duration: 2/3 hours

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2) MONUMENTAL INTERIORS: Saint Mark Square and the interiors of the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica

So-called the “most beautiful lounge in the world”, Saint Mark’s Square with its monuments, colors, and perspectives, is the background of the beautiful interior of the Doge’s Palace, where you can visit the grandiose halls of government with the important artworks representative of the glories of the Republic of Venice, the charming residence of the Doge, the solemn halls where justice was administered and the Bridge of Sighs, through which you can reach the fearful state prisons. Then we move to the nearby Saint Mark’s Basilica, which is like an ancient jewel case of beautiful treasures, but also the most important and loved church in Venice, covered inside by thousands of square feet of shiny mosaics. The oriental aspect of the architecture testifies the deep ties between Venice and Byzantium.

– duration: 2/3 hours

– additional cost: Doge’s Palace and Basilica admission ticket

– note: an appropriate dress for a place of worship is requested

San Rocco Venice

3) RIALTO – FRIAR – St. ROCH: A walk among the Rialto stalls, the Grand Canal and its views, the Friar’s Church, and the School of St. Roch

Walking along the banks of the Grand Canal, where the reflections of the water blend with the colors and the grandeur of the fruit, vegetable, and fish stalls at the Rialto Market, which has always been the economic and financial center of the Republic of Venice. The narrow streets of the district of St. Polo lead to the great religious complex of the Friar’s Church, which contains illustrious tombs and inestimable artworks, above all the Assumption of Titian. The tour continues to the nearby Great School of St. Roch, one of the few Venetian confraternities to have been spared from the Napoleonic suppression, where you can still admire the original and monumental rooms decorated by the Jacopo Tintoretto’s precious cycle of paintings.

– duration: 2/3 hours

– additional cost: Friar’s Church and School of St. Roch admission tickets

– note: an appropriate dress for a place of worship is requested

San Zanipolo Venice

4) MARCO POLO – CHURCH OF SAINTS JOHN AND PAUL: A walk among the calli near Marco Polo’s House, from the Rialto Bridge to the Church of Saints John and Paul

Many important merchant families lived near Rialto: among the most famous was the Polo’s, which we can still visit the place of its thirteenth-century palace, which is a starting point for understanding international relations and trade woven by Venice through the centuries. From the nearby charming Campiello del Remer we can admire the Grand Canal and the Rialto Market. Continuing through narrow streets and hidden squares, we come to the distinctive Church of Miracles, which is like a treasure chest made of precious marbles. We then proceed to the impressive Church of Saints John and Paul, the Doges’ mausoleum, located in one of the city’s most beautiful areas.

– duration: 2/3 hours

– additional cost: Churches admission tickets

– note: an appropriate dress for a place of worship is requested

Burano island

5) MURANO AND BURANO ISLANDS: the glass and lace working

The islands of the Venetian lagoon are small pearls scattered on the water, each one with its unique attractiveness and traditional activities. Murano, called “the small Venice” with the Grand Canal, the palaces, and the ancient Cathedral of Saints Maria and Donato, is the historical capital of blown glass. In the remaining furnaces, we can watch the work of glass masters that perpetuate old techniques and crafts. Burano is a small fishing village made of colorful houses, where its famous lace has been made for centuries. According to the old and slow processing methods, they can be manufactured only by the skilled hands of local artisans.

– duration: 4 hours to 6 hours, depending on whether 2 or 3 islands are preferred

– additional cost: vary according to the means of transportation to the islands

– note: visit on request to a glass factory and a lace workshop

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