Venice contemporary art

Venice is synonymous with art, but often we limit ourselves to consider the artworks of the past, forgetting that Venice is also important as laboratory and international showcase of contemporary art.

Venice Biennale

The Venice contemporary art tour is designed for those people who intend to approach for the first time, to better understand languages and styles of art that basically talks about us and our present; but also for those who are already passionate about and want to deepen some themes.

Venice contemporary art

The itinerary can therefore be built on the interests of the visitor, based on four major themes:

  • La Biennale: Giardini and Arsenale [each takes about a couple of hours]
  • The major museums of contemporary art: Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana – Guggenheim – Vedova
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Contemporary Architecture

Participants: Maximum 10 people

Itinerary created in collaboration with Dr. Cristina Gregorin

For information and reservations: