Venice bacaro tour

Venice bacaro tour

Everyone knows that there are no cars in Venice, but who knows what a “bacaro” is?

The fact that Venetians have to walk to get anywhere, has transformed these ancient places of refreshment (halfway between a wine bar and a small tavern) into an original social habit: the bacaro tour.

Just a table or two, these little Venetian institutions are not places to sit for a meal, but they are the best way to enjoy a “cicchetto” (small tastings, similar to Spanish tapas) accompanied by an “ombra” (little glass of red or white wine) in the company of old or new friends, strictly standing!

It is a kind of ritual, a social tradition renewed every day in the late afternoon. It may seem like a simple aperitif, but in reality it is a way to socialize, and you often go to so many “bacari” that you no longer need to have dinner then!

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Therefore, we invite you to try our “bacaro tour” and enjoy this ancient Venetian ritual with us.

You will discover some of the best bacari in Venice and their history, you will learn how our specialties are prepared and where they come from, you will taste with us a good wine or a spritz (local cocktail, fresh and light), in short, you will experience a bite of the real Venice!

Duration: about 2 hours

Participants: maximum 6 people

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