Venice artisans tour

ancient Venice

For centuries they were the backbone of everyday Venetian life, nowadays the artisans are reduced to a handful of few irreducibles who, with great difficulty, survive the transformations that mass tourism has caused.

Where the flattening of the quality level of tourism has led to a proliferation of small shops selling plastic souvenirs or Chinese glass, a few brave continues to work according to the ancient traditions, using quality materials and infusing into their products the right mix of craft technique and artistic creativity.

Venice artisans tour

This Venice artisans tour offers a visit to some of these workshops where you can still admire the craftsmen at work. Many of them survive with difficulty and are at risk of extinction, with serious loss of the historical memory of a community that is not only Venetian.

The aim is therefore to help them by providing the opportunity for greater visibility and awareness by the visitors of the value of their work and the high risk they are running.

Venice artisan

Customizable tour

Duration: about 3 hours

Participants: 8 people maximum

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