L’Altra Venezia proposes four new itineraries dedicated to children and teenagers (not forgetting the parents who accompany them!).
These itineraries are designed specifically for families, in order to discover Venice in a fun and exciting way, with stories, anecdotes, and curiosities about the city.

1)  Discovering Venice

Venice is a city built on an archipelago of islands in the middle of the lagoon, but what does all this mean? How was the city built? Why are there so many bridges, narrow streets, and just one square? And how old is Venice?
We offer you a fun itinerary to discover the Venetian labyrinth to understand how the city is made and how to learn to orient yourself.

Starting point: Piazza San Marco

Duration: about 2 hours

2)  Mysterious stories for brave children

Venice is a city full of charm and mysteries, it is even said that witches and ghosts meet here … do you want to know more?

This is a walk for brave children to discover strange and mysterious stories!

Stories of ghosts and witches at dusk, discovering a mysterious Venice.

Starting point: Rialto

Duration: about 2 hours

3)  A lion, four horses, a fish, and a sea monster

This tour begins in the heart of the city, the Rialto market, and ends in San Marco. Discovering the history of Venice in its iconic places but seen through the eyes of children, including fantastic animals, stories of giant fish, and legends of lions and horses.

Duration: about 2 hours

4)  Alternative Venice

Venice, like a book, can be read in many ways, it depends on the glasses you wear…

This tour offers an alternative visit to less touristy places to discover the city of Venice through children’s eyes. A treasure hunt through the streets in search of animal figures, strange buildings, crossing secret passages, accompanied by the legends and stories of Venice.

You can choose between 2 routes:

  • The Dorsoduro district, the most artistic district of the city, masks, artists, gondolas, and mysterious tales
  • The Castello district, discovering Venice hidden between alleys and alleys, the Arsenale of Venice, travel, ships, and a large garden

Duration: about 2 hours

Itineraries suitable for children aged 4 to 13 years. The guide will be able to adapt the narration according to the participants’ age.

Venice tours for kids realized in collaboration with Paola Salvato and Chiara Penzo.

For information and reservations: info@laltravenezia.it