Murano private tour

A visit to a Murano glass factory is certainly a must for any visitor to Venice. Still, there are several ways you can live this experience, as well as different types of glass with varying levels of quality.

Il tour privato a Murano che vi proponiamo è un’esperienza esclusiva con la garanzia di una selezione di vetrerie di sicura affidabilità, non solo per la qualità del vetro in sé ma anche, o forse soprattutto, per l’espressione artistica degli oggetti creati. Ferma restando la possibilità di personalizzare la scelta delle vetrerie in base alle richieste e all’interesse del cliente.

The Murano private tour that we propose is an exclusive experience with the guarantee of a highly reliable selection of glass works, not only for the quality of the glass itself but also, and perhaps above all, for the artistic expression of the objects created. Of course, it is possible to customize the choice of glass factories according to customer demands and interests.

Even the means of transport itself is customizable: the customer can choose between different types of boats, from the simplest to the top of the range, represented by a magnificent vintage speedboat, making the tour a unique experience from the moment of boarding.

Onboard and for the whole time of the visit, the customer will be accompanied by a private guide, experienced and with extensive knowledge of the matter, who will not only tell the story and the unique aspects of the glass works but also, if necessary, advise in the purchase and select the glass factories best suited to the interests of the customer.

In any case, the choice will be made within a range of prestigious glass factories, ensuring quality in the glass, in the manufacture, and whose internal staff is competent, helpful, and able to provide accurate explanations.

We also have the highest availability regarding schedules and duration of the tour, which can be easily stretched with visits to other glass factories or sailing toward other islands. Even in the choice of the islands, we are very flexible and willing to escort the customers to visit famous islands such as Burano and Torcello, or other less known but no less beautiful ones such as San Francesco del Deserto, Sant’Erasmo and more.

A genuinely exclusive way then to live an experience to remember.

The private boat tour in Murano is for up to 8 people

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