Private Venetian rowing lessons

The “Venetian rowing” is that very particular technique used to row the Venetian boats. We all have in mind the image of the gondolier who, with grace and elegance, leads his boat along the canals of Venice, and more or less we all experienced the magic of being lulled, blissfully seated, on these waterways.

Why, instead, do not try the thrill of being a gondolier? Becoming an active part and leading the boat like a true Venetian, is, undoubtedly, a unique experience to live in Venice!

The goal, however, is not only to have fun learning and enjoying the beauty of Venice seen from the water, but also to sensitize the visitor to an ancient and unique tradition, respecting the environment and Venetian culture.

The lessons are for all levels, from single lessons (lasting two hours) for those who simply want to try, to packages of multiple lessons (10 to 20 lessons) for those who want to seriously learn.

The Venetian rowing is more than just a technique, it is a direct manifestation of a spirit that has crossed centuries of history, it is the story of the harmony of a people with an environment that is as special as the lagoon.

You will bring home, in short, not only a good experience, but a piece of the soul of Venice.

The lessons are carried out in collaboration with a local cultural association.

Participants: max 4 people

For information and reservations: